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AEP transducers boasts a well-established presence on the market for the designing, the manufacture and the production of:

  • Load cells.
  • Force transducers.
  • Torque transduces.
  • Displacement transducers.
  • Pressure transducers and transmitters.
  • Digital pressure gauges. 
  • Dynamometers.
  • Electronic instrumentation.
  • Application software.
With over 40 experience in the field of weight, force, pressure, torque and displacement sensors, its products are by this time synonymous of quality and reliability.

The awareness of interacting with an extremely evolutionary market has been giving the Company the right spur for a continuous research, whose targets are technological innovation and renewal of its own range of products, in order to satisfy the requests of every customer.

In order to maintain a more relevant and competitive presence, especially on international markets, the company has been devoting a remarkable part of its investments in last years to an even more advanced automation of different productive cycles, and particularly to what can favour an even better quality price relation of products.

Thanks to its experience in hardware designing and in software development, the Company is also able to supply the highest technological innovation on sensors-applied instrumentation, therefore AEP proposes itself with the image of Hi-Tech company.

From the beginning of the nineties, the Company felt the need of adjusting itself to the international regulations and working in accordance with a quality system; this propulsive factor led management:

To have its own Metrological Laboratory accredited as SIT Centre no. 93 in 1996.
From 2010, continues its activities as a calibration laboratory acredited by ACCREDIA (LAT N° 093).

To have the Quality System of the company certified in 2000, according to EN ISO 9001 standards.

To have the Quality System of ATEX productive process for use in hazardous area certified in 2006.

Thanks to the performances and reliability of its products,

In particular we remind:
  • Electronic weighing.
  • Automatic dosing.
  • Automation.
  • Test benches.
  • Materials testing-machines.
  • Hydraulics.
  • Pneumatics.
  • Laboratories.
  • Research.
  • Calibrations.
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