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LAT N° 093

 Calibration Centre

HIGH QUALITY and FAST SERVICE (max. 10 days)

FORCE from 1 N to 5000 kN (from 100 g to 500 t).

PRESSURE from 1 kPa to 200 MPa (from 10 mbar to 2000 bar).

VACUUM  from -1,4 kPa to -100 kPa (from -14 mbar to -1 bar).

TORQUE  from 1 Nm to 5000 Nm.

AEP transducers Metrological laboratory, a calibration centre for FORCE, PRESSURE and TORQUE, is a member of SIT, “Italian Calibration Service” since 1996, issuing over 25.000 certificates acknowledged by the countries that signed the multilateral agreement of EA and ILAC.

From 2010, continues its activities as a calibration laboratory acredited by ACCREDIA (LAT N° 093).

The accreditation was given appraising the internal organization of the laboratory, the technical competence of its staff and the results of experimental comparisons (AUDIT) with national samples belonging the Metrological Research National Institute I.N.RI.M.

To achieve this reputable target, the Company gave the Metrological Laboratory an organization that currently works in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the requirements imposed by ACCREDIA.

Quality policy pursued by AEP General management underlines the technical staff’s effort to:

  • Support industrial activities devoted to the qualification and maintenance of the Quality system in accordance with UNI ENI ISO 9001 standard.
  • Cooperate with Clients about the determination of uncertainties of their own samples. 
  • Keep a high level of competence and privacy about offered services.

Calibrations are performed according to procedures accredited, in accordance with the following international standards and recommendations:

  • OIML R 60
  • ISO 376
  • ASTM E 74
  • EA 10/17
  • UNI 11314 (EURAMET cg-14)
  • UNI EN 26789

Using the following first and second line samples to generate force, pressure and torque respectively:

Dead-weights force samples automatic machines.
Comparator force samples automatic machines.

Pressure balances in liquid medium (dead-weight pressure generators).

Pressure balances and transducers in gaseous medium.

Dead-weight torque benchs whit air bearing.

Comparator torque samples machines.

The laboratory can issue certifications of calibration for the following instrumentation:

ACCREDIA has correspondents all over Europe which are briefly mentioned below as reference:
DKD in Germany, NAMAS UKAS in United Kingdom, COFRAC in France, ENAC in Spain, RvA in Nederland, ILAB in Ireland, Norwegian Accreditation in Norway, SWEDAC in Sweden, FINAS in Finland, DANAK in Denmark, SAS in Switzerland etc...
Laboratory activities.
Besides calibrations activities, the technical staff cooperates with the personnel at National Primary Metrological Institute for what concerns metrology applied to transfer samples, participates to national and international interlaboratory comparisons and supports the development of technical standards about products.
Thanks to its know-how, achieved in these years of active experience, technical staff offers its competence in several activities such as:
  • Cooperating with Clients in the designing of proper accessories, suggesting the most appropriate improving applications to fulfil customers’ needs.
  • Training the technical operators who will perform the measurements by making the due corrections indicated on the calibration certificates.
  • Managing and monitoring the instrumentation employed in productive sectors at Issuing reports of calibrations according to internal procedures, granting the traceability of measurements.
  • Execute Calibrations reports according to internal procedures ensuring the traceability of measurements.

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