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Design and production of dynamometers with nominal loads from 100kg to 100 tons.
Accuracy classes 0.05% and 0.20%.
Versions for COMPRESSION and TENSION applications.
Very easy to use.






High Accuracy 
WEIGHT Measures for LIFTING equipment
For TENSION applications
Nominal loads from 500 kg to 9,5 tons

WIRELESS version on request



Digital dynamometer with internal batteries realised to control and testin the COMPRESSION force of:
hydraulic electrodes welders
pneumatic presses
test benches
torquing vices
Nominal Losd from 10 kN to 40 kN
Linearity 0.50%
Low-profile strain gauge sensor (18mm) entirely executed in stainless steel, is suitable for high-precision measurements in compression and guarantees a long-term stability even when dynamic applications are involved.
In the sensor supporting surface an insulating area has been introduced in order to make hydraulic welders easier to be checked.



The DNA has been designed to make easier the measurement and the calibration of forces generated by presses, vices, ropes or chains in industrial environments or directly on site.
The dynamometer consists of a strain gauge load cell with high reliability and precision and of a last generator microprocessor.

For COMPRESSION  and TENSION applications 

Nominal Loads from 100 kg to 5 tons
Linearity 0.05%

Check lifeline fall protection, check safety ropes.
Check chains, check extraction cement plugs.
Check pushing force and pulling carts , check the force generated by press or clamps.
Check closing force of automatic doors and gates.

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