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The transducer consists of a STRAIN CYLINDER and a FORCE transducer used for the calibration and auto alignment of the joints as well as for the force centering of compression test machines on hardened concrete.

Executed according to the norm references: UNI EN 12390-4 and DIN 51302-2.

Nominal Load 3 MN
Class (ISO 376) 1
Linearity and Hysteresis 0,05%
Output: 2mV/V

Product description

Column force transducer suitable for the calibration of material testing machines
High mechanical resistance
Completely made of stainless steel
Completely LASER welded
Degree of protection IP65
Long term stability


  Calibratio Report

  ACCREDIA certificate

  Calibration Report

according to the norm references:

UNI EN 12390-4

DIN 51302-2

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