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Panel digital indicator designed to be used in the modern static and dynamic measure systems in industrial activity, it can sample the signal up to a frequency of 300Hz.
Suitable for processing analogue signals coming from strain gauge based load cells and from pressure transmitters with amplified output, it enables to perform measurements with a long-term accuracy of 0.05% of full scale, with a resolution of ±9.999 divisions 2mV/V.
Accuracy 0.05%


Product description

DIN 43750 case
2 SET POINTS: with relay output, activation and deactivation thresholds (hysteresis) programmable.
Digital FILTER: it allows to attenuate the measurement oscillations in dynamic applications.
RESOLUTION: it allows to increase the measurement by definite steps.(1,2,5 ….).
PEAK: programmable, it allows to detect measurement peaks in positive or negative field.
ZERO key BLOCK: it allows to block the Zero key function by password.
REMOTE INPUT digital: programmable by menu to perform a function to be chosen among Peak, Zero and Hold.

ON REQUEST instrument can be provided with the Analogue output in voltage or in current programmable by menu.


None available.

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