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Signal calibrator has been realised to perform periodical checks and calibrations on indicators with a 2mV/V input and a 4 or 6 wires systems.
Provided with a main switch with 6 selectable steps, it allows to control the linearity on both positive and negative field.
Internally, the 350Ω full bridge unbalancing, is generated by high stability passive resistances (1 ppm/°C) that enable the calibrator to work with a stable accuracy better than 0.0025% of full scale and with repeatability of 5 ppm.
In order to work with more ease, a system that keeps the ZERO signal constant by working on both positive and negative field without performing different zero settings on the indicator has been introduced.

Complete with calibration report.

Product description

Accuracy class ± 0.0025% f.s.
Output signal: ± 2 mV / V
Full bridge of 350Ω.
Step selectable 0 - from 0.4 to 0.8 - 1.2 to 1.6 - 2 mV / V
Polarity switch POSITIVO and NEGATIVE
Generator passive high stability
Box and aluminum panel


Connecting cables.

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