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Transmitters make easy and cheap the remote transmission of strain gauge load cells analogue signals to PLC, PC, recorders, remote indicators etc… until to a distance of 40 meters.
The possibility of internally connecting the load cells in parallel (max. 4 of 350Ω or 8 of 700Ω) makes system wiring easier by avoiding the use of junction boxes. It is ideal to be used in the most advanced industrial weighing systems, processes control, dosing (silos and hoppers) and automation thanks to the two versions of its case: hermetic case made of pressure die-cast aluminium (IP65 class) or plastic case for mounting on a DIN guide (suitable for applications inside control panels)

Product description

The transmitter feeds the load cells, amplifies and filters the returned signal with high-precision and long-term stability amplifiers; it is possible to internally perform all Zero and Full Scale calibrations through a dip switch for less accurate regulations and through a trimmer for precise regulations.
In order to soften vibrations or mechanical unsteadiness present in the plant, transmitter has an analogue filter which can be adjusted by the operator.
The TA4/2 transmitter offers two speed of response selectable by the user: the standard speed (2.5Hz 16.5Hz) is obtained with J4 closed and acting on the F trimmer, the Fast speed (1KHz) is obtained with J4 open.

The analogue output: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, ±5V, ±10V shall be indicated when order is placed.

On request, transmitter can be equipped with:
Input signal : 1mV/V, 3 mV/V.
Case for a 35mm DIN bar.

                 LOW COST VERSION


Pack of No. 3 metal fairleads

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