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The transmitter makes simple and economical the transmission of data coming from a transducer to a PC.
TAUSB has a maximum resolution of 20.000 divisions and transmits the data directly on-line USB 2.0.
It is a very simple but complete instrument as it is self powered directly from the USB line and is ideal for use in a laboratory as a generic acquisition system leaving to the software on PCs the characterization of the parameters to which the transducer is connected.
The transmitter is controlled by a microcontroller that processes the data sampled by a high resolution AD converter at a frequency up to 3000Hz and manages the USB communication.
The transmitter continuously transmits the value in divisions according to a protocol highly optimized and easy to implement.
Accuracy: 0,025% 

Product description

Through the USB line is possible to make the configuration of the transmitter parameters including:
Digital Filter, Zero
Operating mode: Standard / Peak.

3 standard versions are available: 
Input for load cells and dynamometers (standard) 
Input for pressure transducers and transmitters. (option)
Input for potentiometers (option)

The connection to transducers is achieved through a standard SUB-D 9-pin female connector.

Complete with Software 



USB cable.
DB9 connector to connect the sensors to the transmitter.

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