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The transmitter makes simple and economical the transmission of data coming from up to 2 load cells, transducers or potentiometers to a PC.
TA2USB has a maximum resolution of ±50.000 divisions and transmits the data directly on-line USB 2.0.
It is a very simple but complete instrument as it is self powered directly from the USB line and is ideal as acquisition system connected to a PC.
The transmitter is controlled by a microcontroller that processes the data sampled by two 24bit ADC converters (one for each channels) at a frequency from 5 to 4800Hz.
The instrument continuously transmits the value in divisions according to a protocol highly optimized and easy to implement and allows to get in real-time all the internal acquisition data.

Accuracy 0,010% 

Product description

Through the USB line is possible to make the configuration of the transmitter parameters including:
Digital Filter, ZERO
Conversion Speed
Operating mode: Standard / Peak.

Available versions are: 
Input for load cells and dynamometers (standard) 
Input for transducers with voltage output (±10V). (option)
Input for transducers with current output (4-20mA) (option)
Input for PT100 for temperature measuring

Frequency input for the measure of torsiometer rotational speed

It is possible to have the instrument in a 4 channel version (option). In this case 2 channel are of strain gauge type while the other two can be selected as voltage, temperature or current input.
In this version the acquisition time is reduced but the accuracy is the same.
The connection to transducers is achieved through a standard SUB-D 9-pin female connector.

Complete with Software




USB cable.
DB9 connector to connect the sensors to the transmitter.

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