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Manual pressure generator is a system created to solve the problems of calibration and checking
Pressure gauges
Pressure transducers
Pressure transmitters
Pressure switches

Product description

Aluminum or stainless steel case
Couplings stainless steel 1/2" GAS Female
Manual pump for preload
Operating in oil
ABS carrying case


Reductions to connect devices with different threads


Sample pressure gauges available:
LabDMM Class 0.05%
Bit02B Class 0.20% or Class 0.10%
JET Class 0.20% or Class 0.10%
The sample class must be chosen based on the class of instrumentation to be calibrated.

Software dedicated to the calibration and metrology confirmation of pressure gauges, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters and pressure switches. 
The calibration procedure and calculations are made in accordance with the requirements of the "Guide for the calibration of pressure gauges" EA-10/17.
Evaluation of the uncertainty of calibration is performed according to the requirements of the UNI CEI ENV 13005.


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