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RELATIVE pressures from 100 mbar to 3000 bar
ABSOLUTE pressures from 1 bar to 10 bar
DIFFERENTIAL pressures from 10 bar to 700 bar
Relative VACUUM measure -1 bar

TEMPERATURE measures from 0 to 50°C
Measurement of the temperature of the fluid

linearity and hysteresis 0.20 % standard VERSION
linearity and hysteresis 0.10 % high accuracy

High mechanical strength
Suitable for dynamic and static applications


BIT02D (differential whit 2 TP1 pressure transducers)

Product description

Metal case
Process coupling 1/2"Gas male
The sensitive part in contact with pressure is entirely made of 17-4 PH stainless steel resistant to corrosion
Protection class IP65
Non-rechargeable batteries with 1 year autonomy
Programmable resolution, digital filter and measurement units
ZERO and PEAK functions (Active in PRESSURE and VACUUM)
Analog pressure indication always active (bar graph)
External power supply (option)
Serial output RS232C (option)
Built-in case (option)


Shock resistant silicone COVER
External power suply
RS232C cable
RS232C-USB adapter
Calibration report
ACCREDIA certificate
Carrying case 


Quick analyzer
Quick analyzer Light
Software that works directly with the pressure gauge and supports the operator in the various test functions like, analysis, over time monitoring, data storage, DATA LOGGER management, transferring data to Microsoft Excel and so on.



Software dedicated to the calibration and metrology confirmation of pressure gauges, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters and pressure switches.
The calibration procedure and calculations are made in accordance with the requirements of the "Guide for the calibration of pressure gauges" EA-10/17.
Evaluation of the uncertainty of calibration is performed according to the requirements of the UNI CEI ENV 13005.



Manual pressure generators used to compare the measurements between the sample pressure gauge and the instrument calibration.
Ideal for performing calibration and metrological confirmation of pressure gauges, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters and pressure switches.

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