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Software for monitoring analyzing and recording the run of tests which can involve up to 16 sensors at the same time.
Is possible to have the LIGHT version where is possible to connect only one instrument / sensor.

Product description

Quick Analyzer is a powerful software that allows to connect any PC in an easy and efficient way to all AEP transducers instrumentations with serial or USB channels
Through a simple configuration of channels and effective setting of the characteristics of sensors which instruments are connected, you can check the status of communication, perform tests, saving curves of the obtained graphs, calculate main results of the test and print the certificates.
It is possible to connect up to 16 instruments on the RS232 or USB line.
If the PC is not equipped with serial channels simply add USB adapters with which the programme is totally compatible.
The curves obtained can be viewed either simultaneously in a single graph respect to the time or to another channel , with different colors and set for easier recognition of same, or individually (respect to the time) for easy analysis of detail of the individual sensor.


See instrumentation and connection cables.

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